NEW! Personal Workbook for Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids. Use this guide on your own or with a study group to get the most out of your experience with the book. Deepen your learning and record your insights and intentions in this self-study guide.

Take a Relationship Inventory:Do this by yourself or with other members of your family. It's a way to begin to look at how you relate to one another and a step in the process of becoming more aware of your interactions. See pages 152-53 in the book for more information.

Tell Me More: This is the article that first got me thinking about listening. At the end also is the piece that got me thinking about what we ask our children when they come home from school.

Quotes: A collection of all the wonderful quotes used throughout the book.

Additional Resources: For my workshops, I prepared a number of handouts and worksheets to help people with issues around communication and relationships. I've adapted some of these, which you might find useful as you look at your relationships in the family.

Creating and Enhancing Relationships

Influence Practices

Learning to Listen

Regarding Influence

Relationship Inventory

Strategies for Difficult People


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